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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the online course meet the TLDR requirements?

Yes, the internet course is accredited the same as if you were to go to a regular class.

How long do I have to finish the course?

You have up to 6 months to finish the course. You can log on and log off at anytime from any computer to continue the course.

Can I print my own certificate?

Yes, once you complete the course, you may print your certificate.

How will TDLR know that I have completed the course?

We will notify TDLR within 48 hours of you completing the course. You can check TDLR website to see if your hours have been credited at

Does completing my hours renew my license?

No. You will still have to renew your license with TDLR. You can go to TDLR website to renew your license online.

Is my online payment secure?

Yes, we have partnered with for your online credit card transaction. Your payments are made through secure encryption API. Your online credit card transaction is guaranteed to be secure.

How can I contact Advance Cosmetology Continuing Education?

You can write us an email at or call us toll free at (866) 920-5111.